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Daniel's 2010 Rangers Blog Pt 2

Posted on: February 20, 2010 1:36 am
Well, here we go again. It's time to dog pile CJ Wilson because he is confident and outspoken. I follow CJ on Twitter and generally enjoy keepin track of his adventures and his thoughts on life. I also admire the way he lives his life. SOBER. CJ was one of the best relievers in the AL last year if not the best out of the bullpen. But of course, you have the half-a$$ Ranger fan who goes to one game and maybe watches two, sees CJ have an off night and feel like they need to shoot their mouth off and let everyone know how much they think CJ sucks. Then you got Evan Grant hovering over CJ like a vulture just waiting to criticize his every word and start the dog-pile with his meaningless articles. No wonder the inside corner blog died.

I don't know if CJ will make it as a starter. I do know that you cant judge is 12 ERA back in 2005. Really Evan Grant? We get it. He sucked as a starter in 2005 but that was 5 years ago. Let's see what he has now.

I have to admit, I have a great feeling about the Colby Lewis signing. Its not just the Rangers who think he can do something special, it was 5 other teams ready to give him the same deal the Rangers did. Not many people around the league have bad things to say about Lewis and project him to have a successful year. 15 wins? 4.25 ERA? I think it's possible.

On the catcher situation: I'm going to be really annoyed if we don't see improvement from Salty or Teagarden this year. I think Salty is a little more understandable. Injuries tripped him up last year and I'm not sure the Rangers medical staff helped that. I'll always stick by my opinion that the Ranger med staff are morons sometimes. One day a player is scheduled to come off the disabled list and the next he's headed for surgery. It's like, why did we waste the four weeks that he could've already had his surgery and been rehabbing? We've seen Teagarden have flashes of greatness. But just like Chris Davis, he needs to take baseball more seriously. Maybe put a little more work in early instead of recovering from all the drinking the night before. My sources indicate Davis/Teagarden maybe thinking a little more about what girls they will take out drinking after the game.

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